Loronar Enforcer V

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weapon (Ranged-Light)

Model: Loronar Enforcer V

Type: Multi-function Blaster/Ion gun w/ Built-in Micro Grenade Launcher

Scale: Character

Skill: Firearms: Blaster

Ammo: 120 blaster/40 ion-counts as 3 blaster (power packs: 25)/30 microgrenades

Cost: 10000 (grenade clips cost 3000 cr)

Availability: 3, R

Fire Rate: 1 per action

Range: Blaster 3-10/50/120 Ion 3-8/16/24

Damage: 5D lethal/stun/ionization damage selective

Game Notes:

The Enforcer V was made as the ultimate multifunction tactical weapon for law enforcement officials who need the ultimate edge in the field. Combat droids and cyborgs often are too much for conventional weapons, so the Enforcer III and IV were made to even the field. The Enforcer V is identical to the Enforcer III but has an integral grenade launcher. An Enforcer VI adds the repeater function.

Ion guns fire streams of energy that wreak havoc on electrical systems, and they are usually employed against droids, light vehicles, and some types of equipment. When used normally, an ion gun fries a droid’s circuits and internal components, inflicting lethal damage. If set to “stun,” it works much the same as a blaster set on stun works against organic opponents. A droid stunned in such a way is out of commission for 2D minutes. An ion gun’s blast has no effect on organic targets, unless such targets have cybernetic replacements.

Main Page | Weapons

Loronar Enforcer V

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